Wisdom Teeth Extractions and how you benefit from having them removed

Need to have your wisdom teeth out but you’re not sure on the process, procedure, length of time being out or even how expensive it is?

Wisdom teeth appear in the mouth when we are 17-25 generally. They can cause all kinds of problems, including but not limited to decay, gum disease, cystic formation, and even resorption of the teeth that they impacting into. They are generally removed if one is considering orthodontics, this is because further eruption of the teeth after finishing of orthodontics can upset the stability of the bite. 

Dr Daniel will help you screen your mouth for any potential wisdom teeth problems. He will discuss the options and approaches, be it having done under local or general anaesthetic. Dr Daniel is more than to discuss the risks in detail before having the procedure done.

If you would like consultation with Dr Tong regarding wisdom teeth, please call or book online.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

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