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Dental Braces For Children And Adults?

Braces can be used to align crooked or misaligned teeth, align the upper and lower jaws, relieve pressure from the joints around the jaw and for cosmetic purposes like improving smiles. While dentist can provide braces for children and adults, they are most commonly used to treat children.

Since children’s jawbones and the bones around the teeth have not yet set in place, they can more easily be moved and aligned with braces.

Braces may be suitable for some adults. However, once the bones have set in place, braces can only move the teeth and cannot be used to align the jaws.

Dr Daniel, our dentist, can discuss with you the benefits of braces compared to other alignment systems, like almost invisible Invisalign. He will work with you to determine if braces are the right choice for you.

How Do Braces Work?

Braces consist of metal or porcelain brackets that are glued to the teeth. An archwire is then passed through these brackets. This wire is gradually tightened pulling the teeth and jaw slowing into place.

Because the braces are glued in place and can’t be removed, unlike clear aligner systems, constant pressure is applied to the teeth. This means you see the desired results faster than other alignment treatments.

How Much do Braces Cost?

One of the most common questions we hear is how much do dental braces cost? At Epping High Dental, we strive to make braces and other orthodontic services affordable to everyone. We can provide flexible payment plans and your private health insurance should also cover a portion of the cost.

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