How Full Mouth Rehabilitation Can Restore Your Smile

Ever wondered why teeth are falling apart, getting shorter with time, or the annoying fact that look tired and in need of a refresh? How would you like to about giving your teeth are breath of fresh air after many years of services? 

With time, everyone’s teeth will wear down, some wear excessively within shorter periods if there is bruxism present. Patient’s with heavily filled mouth are at high risk of things breaking down if there is an unstable bite present. If there is heavily discoloured due to old fillings already past their prime, they may be more problems that that meets the eye. 

Dr Daniel has attended a special mini residency course in Full Mouth Rehabilitation taught by a team of renowned prosthodontists in Australia. He has seen transfer his learnings into his patient care utilising the best philosophies distilled by experts in the field. 

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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