CDBS - Eligibility Information and Who Can Apply

Children Dental Benefits Schedule (CBDS Epping)

At Epping High Dental, we love seeing kids from a young age. There is nothing more gratifying than the opportunity to give kids a positive experience that will set them up for a lifetime of good oral health.

Medicare offers up to $1026 worth of free child’s dental cover over 2 calendar years through the Child’s Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS).

Who’s eligible?

Medicare’s CDBS is for families who are already receiving other benefits, such as Family Tax Benefit A payments. If you’re not sure, ask us, We can help put you on the right track and tell you exactly who to call.

The CDBS is for children aged 0 to 17 who are eligible for Medicare and who also receive at least one of the following benefits:

  • Family Tax Benefit Part A
  • Carer Payment
  • Disability Support Pension
  • Parenting Payment
  • Special Benefit
  • Youth Allowance
  • Help under the Veterans’ Children Education Scheme (VCES) if the child is 16 years or older
  • Help under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act Education and Training Scheme if the child is 16 or older

In some cases, CDBS payments are made to parents, guardians or approved care organisations.

Eligibility is assessed at the beginning of the calendar year. You or your child have to meet the requirements for at least one day of the year.

Please call one of our friendly reception staff on 03 8804 5778

Zip Money Payment Plans

Pay later with no deposit and no interest

Epping High Dental believes that anybody should be able to access quality care without financial disadvantage. We have teamed up with to offer Zip Pay and Zip Money.

For treatments that are more than $350 and less than $1000, Zip Pay would be a very good option. It costs nothing to sign up and you can start paying it off from as little as $10 per week. Due to minimum monthly repayments, there is a $7.95 monthly fee that will be waived off once you have paid the statement closing balance.

We’re always looking for more ways to make you smile so that’s why we have partnered up with Zip Money as a payment option. Zip Money is a safe, simple and convenient payment option, allowing you to pay for your dental consultation or treatment later in flexible weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.


How does Zip Money work?

There is no need to apply for the finance prior to your visit. Just simply select Zip Money at reception after your dental consultation or treatment and fill out the required information. It only takes a few seconds and (subject to approval) once you have created your account, you never have to apply again and can continue to use it as much as you like.

Zip Money pays immediately on your behalf, meaning your order will be processed straight away. Pay off your balance over time in flexible instalments that suit your lifestyle.


Are there any fees and charges payable?

Each month you can choose to pay off your balance in full or make a partial payment that suits your budget. If the balance is paid by the due date no fees will be occurred.

If you’d like more time to pay, a monthly service fee will be added to the month you have an outstanding balance. There is also a minimum repayment of $40/month.

There are no establishment fees to set up your account, no annual fees and no interest charges.

Any fees charged are added to the outstanding balance.


Am I eligible for this?

You must be 18 years or older and an Australian resident, employed in some capacity and earn more than $300 per week to be eligible to apply.


How does the interest free work?

We are please to offer the following interest free periods for extensive treatment plans up to $15,000. Please see the following table for more information:


Interest free periods

Product Months Min. Price Max. Price
Zip Money 6 $1.00 $3,000.00
Zip Money 12 $3,001.00 $6,000.00
Zip Money 18 $6,001.00 $10,000.00
Zip Money 24 $10,001.00 $15,000.00

Please note, the contract is between you and Zip Money Payments Pty Limited (ABN 58 164 440 993, Australian Credit Licence Number 441878). Zip Money Terms & Conditions apply and are available on application.

We are an NIB preferred provider.