Teeth Restoration With Biomimetic Dentistry

Want to know of a way to change your silver fillings into something more durable and “kinder” to the tooth? How would you like to know if your silver fillings are really healthy or even serving your tooth? 

Silver fillings have been placed for many years and have done a great service to the profession. However with time, silver fillings breakdown through a variety of means – they expand and contract with temperature change leading to cracks forming in the tooth, they do not “stick” or bond to the tooth and generally are less conservative to place, meaning we have to remove more of the tooth to retain the filling. Dr Daniel practices biomimetic dentistry, which means he using materials which mimic the natural tooth substrates. With this, Dr Tong is able to achieve long-lasting results with certain materials.

Dr Daniel will assess your mouth condition and recommend if you are suitable for this. To do this, Dr Tong will take a series of starting records to assess your current condition of the teeth, your bite, joints, he will take starting baseline pictures for your education and any necessary x-rays. 

To find out if you are suitable , please call our practice or book online.

Biomimetic Dentistry

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