Gums and how they are treated

Ever wondered why sometimes cleaning can be so sore and at other points, they can be quite tolerable. All patients in point of their lives will have some degree of gum problem. Depending on how severe, this will dictate how thorough we will need to be cleaning. Basically when plaque and tartar buildup gradually around teeth, they will irritate the supporting elements around the root, kind of a similar process we see when the soil gets eroded around fence post. As you can imagine, once the soil gets removed enough, the fence post will weaken and become more and more mobile with time and eventually the tooth will need to be removed as it had sustained too much lost supporting structures. 

Dr Daniel’s management protocol is to listen to your concerns regarding any past history of possible bad breath, bleeding issues, gums shrinking , sensitivity and root exposures, or in severe cases, teeth drifting out of their initial positions. A series of supporting x-rays is needed to check your bone levels and any signs of tartar that can’t be seen with the eyes. Dr Tong will discuss whether your teeth will need detailed cleaning sessions upto 2-4 visits with areas being numbed before they are cleaned. 

Once the active cleaning phase is complete, all patients are entered into a customised recall program that is the most important part of the treatment. If there are any lapses in following this program which includes personalised home care regime, special flossing techniques, then our results will be limited. 

If you would like to know if your gums require detailed attention, please call us or book online.

Gum Treatment

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