Crooked & Misaligned Teeth (Malocclusion)

According to a survey conducted by the Australian Society of Orthodontist, 60% of Australians believe a good smile gives you confidence , and 55% feel self-conscious about their teeth and given the chance to change anything about their appearance more than 46% will want to change their teeth first. So why are we concerned or unhappy with our smiles? The reasons are generally multifaceted: a boost in confidence , for a upcoming wedding, or pressure from seeing your photo all over social media.

What causes crooked teeth?

Most crooked teeth problems have a genetic cause behind, but the following can also result in maligned bites – underdeveloped jaws, mismatched jaw and teeth proportions, impacted teeth, early/premature loss of baby teeth, excessive jaw growth, over retained teeth, teeth drifting from advanced gum disease, etc.

What happens if it’s left untreated?

Whilst crooked teeth is mostly perceived as a cosmetic problem, there are some key reasons to consider treatment. Untreated mal-aligned jaws/bites lead to excessive wear of teeth in future, problems with the joints, problems with chewing, big challenges of maintaining proper cleaning around misaligned teeth, inhibition of proper jaw development and last but not least potential airway problems that could develop into sleep-disordered problems or worse sleep apnoea. 

What can be done about crooked teeth?

At Epping High Dental, to treat the root of all problems that cause crooked teeth, we must understand the cause. This is done with a records appointment that gathers relevant information relating to your crooked bite and a consultation following will entail a confidential discussion of your options. 

Generally for young patients, removable or fixed appliances may be considered to encourage more jaw growth or move isolated teeth depending on the problems. For adult patients, clear aligner therapy (Invisalign) or braces can be possible to manage the problem. In some cases where the severity of the crooked teeth problem is not significant, restorative treatments such as direct bonded veneers or caps may be considered.

Crooked Misaligned Teeth

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