White Teeth Fillings an alternative to silver fillings

Need some fillings done but you’re not sure if they will last? Want to know of a way to make sure they last longer? 

White fillings are placed mainly to replace lost portions of teeth due to problems such as tooth decay, gaps, food getting stuck frequently in places, grinding problems, erosion problems. The mastery of placement of these fillings requires years of dedication and attention to detail. Intimate knowledge of the appropriate material strength is paramount. Fillings need to place in layers in sequence, like laying bricks for a strong house. The fillings need to be placed in an environment that’s free of contamination from blood, saliva. 

Dr Daniel uses special techniques in the placement of these unique materials. This includes the use of a protective comfortable rubber dam sheet to keep out any saliva, blood. This ensures that the filling will stick properly to the tooth. Of course this is done in the knowledge of your bites, Patients with bruxism/ severe grinding problems may need even stronger materials such as porcelain base materials. 

To find out about composite white fillings and their differences to other approaches, please call us or book online.

White Fillings

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