Sore Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth or eights as they are called by dentist generally appear in the mouth from the late teens to the late 20s. Most people have 4 wisdom teeth but there are some cases where some patients don’t have all 4.

What causes Wisdom Teeth Pain?

Generally, wisdom teeth are unable to grow and develop properly due to a lack of space at the backs of the upper and lower jaws. They end up become either stuck behind the second molar teeth or stuck under the jaw bone or even the soft gum covering the teeth.

What happens if it’s left untreated?

Impacted/Erupting Wisdom Teeth can predispose the patient to following issues – pain, swelling, and infection around the wisdom teeth areas, limited opening of the mouth (known as truisms), sore throat on swallowing, difficulties with chewing, swollen lymph nodes under the jaw bone and finally even pressure at the joint and jaw areas have even been reported.

Some even say that the cheek areas often become irritated as there is no room at the back for the top wisdom teeth to grow and they often grow out to the sides. Impacted wisdom teeth often are half covered by a piece of the gum that often gets traumatised from chewing, bacteria gets trapped under the gum flap and this causes a painful infection. Oftentimes, severe decay can form at the tooth in front or even on the wisdom teeth themselves.

How can we help?

At Epping High Dental, we have an OPG machine that can take important full mouth x-rays for assessment of the wisdom teeth for patients in their late teens. Dr Daniel will then assess the orientation, expected path of eruption, space and anything peculiar pathology formation at the backs of the jaw and recommend the best course of action. Sometimes, it may be in the best interests of removing the wisdom teeth before they develop fully for prophylactic reasons. This is because the roots are half formed and the bones of younger patient generally heal faster than if the procedure is done in later years. Dr Daniel is well-versed in effective management of wisdom from years of experience of dealing with emergency cases in the CBD. 

If you are suffering from wisdom teeth pain, or simply would like to have your wisdom teeth assessed, call us for an appointment.

Wisdom Teeth Pain

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