Dental Crowns and how they are applied

How would like to know more about crowns before committing to it? Want to know how they work and what they serve to do?

Crowns, or caps as they are sometimes called, are like thimbles for a tooth. When a tooth is damaged extensively from years of being filled and refilled, the crown serves to protect the tooth from breaking down further. Crowns are also used to change shapes, fill up extensive defects, gaps between teeth, increase the height of the tooth if we are rebuilding bites. 

As the procedure is irreversible, careful assessment of your mouth is necessary before this option is offered. An extensive bite analysis is imperative to the longevity of option lasting its potential. Bite analysis includes checking the heaviness of your existing bite, once we know how your teeth meet together, a discussion thereafter will ensure that you are fully informed. 

To discuss your bite or whether you need any crowning, please call our office or book online now.

Crown Treatment in Lalor

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