Missing Teeth and Large Gaps

Once we lose our baby teeth, it is not hard to take our adult teeth for granted.

What causes missing teeth?

For most cases, the top 3 reasons for missing teeth are gum disease, decay or dental trauma accidents. People from the older generation tend to lose teeth because of severe decay and gum disease. The younger people tend to lose teeth from accidents, sports or sometimes they just didn’t have the particular tooth to start with due to genetics. 

What happens if it's left untreated?

Missing teeth can occur in all parts of the mouth, but probably the most significant tooth to be missing with is your front tooth. Missing this tooth can affect your ability to speak, eat, and have an negative influence on your social confidence. Missing back teeth most often results in poorer chewing ability and even problems with digestive health in the future. 

What can be done about missing teeth?

Whilst some people have learnt and get by with some missing in their lifetime, others when asked if they can have a new tooth again, will always answer with a yes. 

With advances in technology, there are quite a few options available  including and not limited to dentures, bridges and implants

Dentures are great options if patients don’t have any teeth or missing segments of teeth. They are basically removable plates that generally are the lowest in terms of costs. The downside is that they are quite thick and uncomfortable to wear, partial plates will pose a risk to the remaining teeth as food and plaque can accumulate very easily at these teeth. 

Whilst dentures are removable options, the fixed options are bridging and implants which basically utilise teeth or the parts of the jaw for support.

How can we help?

Due to the complex and diverse nature of presenting problems, Epping High Dental strives to carefully understand each problem and with considerate understanding of the issue, offer the appropriate advice and options when it comes to restoring your smile. Book yourself with one of our professionals for further information. 

Missing Teeth Treatment

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