Straighten Teeth In A Faster Way With Metal/Porcelain Braces

Want to know if metal/porcelain braces are suitable, or better than clear aligners?

If you would like a sure fast way of straightening your teeth and don’t mind baring a bit of metal and wires in the process, then metal or porcelain braces may be suitable for you. Braces may be faster than clear aligners as they are glued to the teeth and can’t not be removed. Some kids may fare better with metal/porcelain braces than others. It depends on the type of maligned bite that we are treating. We aim to produce a bite that is stable with time. 

Metal/Porcelain Braces have been around for many years, both produce similar results. They are work with the idea that when the flexible are tied in the teeth and want to rebound to the original shapes, this force will then slowly move the teeth to where we want it to be. 

Dr Daniel will assist in deciding whether to begin your smile transformation by taking initial orthodontic records, which includes photos, x-rays and a detail assessment of your teeth. Dr Daniel will then analyse your case and decide whether porcelain or metal is useful for you. 

Please call Epping High Dental if you would like to know more.  

Metal & Porcelain Braces

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