Invisible/Clear Aligners For Teeth


Not happy with the crookedness of your teeth? Want to know of a way to straighten them? How would you like to know of some ways to straighten your teeth, look like you’re not wearing braces and not bust out your bank while doing it?

Some people’s teeth may move with time due to the following – further growth with age, breakdown of the glue holding the fixed retainer anchor wires, unstable bites. Some bites may change due to underlying bony foundations.

Dr Daniel can help you look at possible options at straightening. He will start with making some moulds of your mouth, take some pictures and x-rays and will then let you know of your options.


There are two major Clear Aligner companies that Dr Daniel uses – Invisalign and Suresmile. Both have different fee structures as their treatment approaches are different.

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We also offer metal/porcelain braces!

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