Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Ever wondered what your new smile would look but you’re not sure whether it suit your face, budget, time and money? How would like to know of a way to trying out your new smile without fully committing to the process? How would it feel to know that you can show your family and friends your smile before you commit to anything?

Well look no further, Dr Daniel can help you decide on the most appropriate to change your smile.

People’s smile can be affected in many ways. Generally smiles, are affected by the following – missing teeth, accidents, gum disease and crooked teeth. Some people may lose teeth with age, if they have had a lot of dental work in the past and also when fillings break down.

Dr Daniel can help you assess your smile and show you the proposed change in two simple appointments:

Appointment 1

Free consultation appointment – this includes getting know your story of your smile, how it got to this point, your worries with it.

Dr Daniel will take a series of photos, radiographs, and models.

Appointment 2

Smile Mockup Day – Dr Daniel will then place a “mock up” on your teeth to stimulate the changes, in cases, some initial minor contouring may be required to fit the mockup, patients with gum problems will need an initial cleaning before trialling mockup. You will then trial your smile for a week, letting friends/family know.

If you’re happy with it, Dr Daniel will then discuss the next steps required.

Digital Smile Design

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