Bad Breath, how its caused, and how to treat it.

Generally, we notice some bad smells when we wake up or forget to brush our teeth in the day or floss.

However, if this persists for long periods, it may be a sign of something serious that’s happening in your mouth.

Bad breath can be a problem if it is chronic in nature. It may even be a sign of a potential serious problem in the mouth.

What Causes Bad Breath?

The bugs in the mouth will create a furry surface on your teeth called plaque. Once left for long periods or uncleaned, they will thrive on food/debris and pass off volatile sulphur compounds that can be very off putting.

What Can Be Done About Bad-Breath?

Generally, regular visits to the dentist every 6 months will be your safest bet. Make sure you are drinking enough fluid 2L-3L daily, this serves to wash and rehydrate your mouth after exercise or intake of alcohol/caffeine.

Regular flossing daily gets rid of the bugs in between teeth and under the gum where they usually hide and are hard to remove with a brush. If you notice your bad breath still persisting despite the above, visit your dentist for a checkup

What Happens If Its Left Untreated?

Not only will bad breath have serious implications for your relationships, but it may lead to other significant health problems. Studies have shown that persistent bad breath usually is a sign of periodontitis or advanced gum disease. This means you may losing supporting bone between your teeth without you knowing about it.

Bad Breath

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