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Are you looking for a friendly dentist for braces near Lalor? At Epping High Dental, we provide a range of orthodontic and dentistry treatments for children and adults.

Do I Need Dental Braces?

An dentist may recommend braces for children and adults for a number of reasons. Typically, dental braces are used to treat misaligned teeth, align upper and lower jaws, improve the aesthetics of smiles and faces and relieve pressure on the joints around your jaw.

The best time to get braces is during childhood (around the ages of 10-14, although it can vary depending on a child’s development). Children are best suited to braces because the bone around the teeth and the jawbones have not yet set in place and can be moved into place by braces.

Braces can still work for adults, but they can only move the teeth as an adult jawbone is set in place and can only be altered by surgery.

Clear Aligners or Braces

Our dentist, Dr Daniel, will consult with you to determine whether braces are right for you or if you should consider another option, like the almost invisible Invisalign alignment system.

How Do Braces Work?

Small metal or porcelain brackets are glued to the front of the teeth. A thin wire, known as an archwire, is threaded through the brackets. This wire is gradually tightened, placing pressure on your teeth and jaw and gently moving them into place over time.

Because braces are permanently attached to the teeth, the treatment cannot be removed or interrupted. This ensures that constant pressure is being applied to the teeth and jaw, delivering faster and better results than other removable treatments like clear aligners.

Are Braces Expensive?

One of the most common questions we hear is how much do dental braces cost? At Epping High Dental, we do our best to make all treatments not only effective but affordable. We offer flexible payment plans to help with this. Also, if your health insurance includes dentistry, they may cover a significant part of the cost.

As a one-off treatment, braces can be considered an investment in your long-term dental health.

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