Know More About Night Guards/Grind Guards/Occlusal Splints

Have you had a few mouth guards made at various times and they all crumpled after not being used for very long? Want to know of a way that will ensure that your guard lasts a whole lot longer than it should?

Night guards, grinding guards or occlusal splints are made for various reasons. Some patients suffer from joint pain, jaw pain, clenching problems during the day, excessive grinding at night, and some require it to protect expensive dental work they have had done in the past, especially if a lot porcelain work has been done. 

Dr Daniel uses a comprehensive detailed technique in looking at your bite from different angles. This is crucial in knowing the exact type of guard that you need to ensure that your investments in the mouth lasts. Dr Tong takes a series of starting clinical records that include assessing the mouth of natural tooth remaining, existing wear/damage, joint clicks/sounds, opening, deviation. Some moulds will be taken and mounted on a device that will “mimic” your bite. Some patients may have interesting unstable bites that require different types of guards to resolve the problem. 

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Night Guards/Grind Guards/Occlusal Splints

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